Neighbourhood Plan submission to RDC (Regulation 15/16)

“Regulation 15” is the name given by Government legislation to the point in time… “Where a qualifying body [Battle Town Council] submits a plan proposal or a modification proposal to the local planning authority [Rother District Council]“.
The plan was adopted by Battle Town Council on 17/11/2020, and the documents shown below were sent to Rother District Council on 19/11/2020.

The Regulation 16 consultation run by Rother District Council was open from 04/12/2020 until 4:30pm on 29/01/2021.

The steering group wrote an Executive Summary of the Plan. It’s primary purpose was to help Battle Town Councillors to digest the various Plan documents, but you may also find it useful.

The Regulation 15 submission documentation

Key Evidence base documents

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