Future work to be completed is listed with draft timings (subject to continual review)

October 2018 – Regulation 16 Consultation – to be confirmed by Rother District Council.

September 2018 – Regulation 15 submission. Submit Plan and supporting documents to Rother District Council.

August 2018 – Review comments received during Regulation 14 consultation and address accordingly.

June 2018 – Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement due to be completed.

June – July 2018 – Regulation 14 Consultation. Agree on Consultation methods – this is a 6-week consultation.

May 2018 – Draft Regulation 14 document comments from Rother District Council, Steering Group and Battle Town Council.

April – May 2018 – Work on SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) document.

April 2018 – Update of 5 documents.   1. Parish Analysis Study.    2. Historic Environmental Report.    3. Character Appraisal.  4. Open Spaces and Tree Study.  5. National and District Policy Mapping Analysis.

March 2018 – Screening Opinion request. Rother District Council to consult with statistics for 5 weeks.

February – March 2018 – Review of Vision and Objectives.

February 2018 – Communications strategy to be updated.

Future work to be completed with draft timings (subject to continual review)

January 2018 – Consultant review of work to date complete and reported back to the Steering group.

November 2017 – New Consultant now fully engaged and documents submitted for review.

October 2017 – New Consultant appointed.

September – October 2017 – Appointed Consultant resigned due to other work commitments.

July 2017 – Rother District Council agreed to an extension to the submission time of Plan. A new consultant is being appointed but unable to start until the end of the month, to assist in formulating the latter stages of the Plan.

June 2017 – Responses sent via email to people who raised concerns and commented at the Initial Public Consultation Exhibition. Newly appointed Consultant resigned due to overloaded commitments.

May 2017 – Mapping updated after queries and information resulting from the Initial Public Consultation. Feedback forms from Initial Public Consultation being assessed. New Consultant appointed.

April 2017 – Initial Public Consultation Exhibition held at Battle Memorial Hall. New Consultant required due to lack of responsive communication from previous consulant.

March 2017 – Listing of Assets of Community Value including buildings and green spaces formed.

February – March 2017 – Advertising for Initial Public Consultation Exhibition.

December 2016 – Indepth discussion at Steering Group meeting of site assessment results.

July to December 2016 – Site Assessments desktop surveys completed. All sites visited for full appraisal by all members of the Steering Group on an organised tour.

June 2016 – Site Assessment groups formed to analyse each site on paper using specific criteria.

March – June 2016 – AIRS compiling results into a report from the Evidence Survey.

January – February 2016 – Evidence Survey produced and delivered to all properties throughout the Parish.

November 2015 – SWOT Analysis completed for the Parish.

October 2015 – Public Call for Sites, advertised in local papers.This requires all land owners in the Parish who wish to have sites considered, which could accommodate 6 of more units, to state which sites they would wish to be included in the consultation process.

September 2015 – Four Focus Groups formed being 1. Housing and Development, 2. Environment and Countryside, 3. Community Facilities and Infrastructure, 4. Local Economy, Transport and Traffic. These groups would concentrate on their particular area to provide information for the SWOT Analysis.

September 2015 – Following a competitive tender a consultant (Action In Rural Sussex – AIRS) was appointed to assist with the formulation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

July 2015 – Inaugural Meeting of the Battle Civic Area Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group