Neighbourhood Plan submission to RDC (Regulation 15)

“Regulation 15” is the name given by Government legislation to the point in time… “Where a qualifying body [Battle Town Council] submits a plan proposal or a modification proposal to the local planning authority [Rother District Council]”.
The plan was adopted by Battle Town Council on 17/11/2020, and it was sent to Rother District Council on 19/11/2020. We expect Rother District Council to start their eight week consultation within the next few days.
The documents used at Regulation 15 are listed below.

Note that at the current time the list below is incomplete, as the documents are not yet 100% finished and signed-off.

The required documentation

Key Evidence base documents

What happens after Regulation 15?
The Plan has now been adopted by Battle Town Council, and they have sent the Plan to Rother District Council. We are waiting for Rother District Council to start their own “Regulation 16” process. The Regulation 16 process includes publicising the plan for a minimum of 6 weeks (8 weeks in our case due to Covid restrictions), inviting representations, notifying any consultation body referred to in the consultation statement, and finally sending the draft neighbourhood plan for independent examination. After a successful examination, Rother District Council will organise a public referendum where eligible people living in the Battle Civil Parish can vote on whether to accept the Plan or not.